Woodwool firelighters

Material: wax dipped pine wood shavings.
Burning time: 8-10min/pcs
Package: 10 pcs/30 pcs/50 pcs ± 2 pcs


Firelighters cubes

Material: biomass and vegetable oil
Burning time: 6- 8 min/cube
Package: 16 cubes/24 cubes/32 cubes/64 cubes


Kindling in a mesh bag

Neatly arranged.
Easy to carry.


Swedish fire torches (Canadian candles)

Made from seasoned pine, spruce these logs crackle beautifully, smell amazing, and look stunning, a truly impressive way to provide warmth and light at outdoor events.

Great to take along with you on a camping trip, or as an attractive way to light a garden path at a party. Ideally placed on a paving slab, or in pebbles (away from anything flammable) or in a fire pit stand. When the log burns down you can tip it over and use it as the foundation for a larger and longer campfire.

Swedish torch is 100% environmentally friendly. The product includes a natural linen fibre rope handle and a firelighter made from recycled products. Torch burns completely and leaves no trash.

Approximate burn time up to 2,5 –  4 hours.